Ink Design & Apparel

Who We Are

Ink Design and Apparel, the parent company, is a family run business that was founded in 1997. Before we assumed THREADS and Shirt Tails, we were merely an embroidery shop that just started to dabble in screen printing. The owner had 1 worker that would complete some orders in 2 or maybe 3 times a week. After Ink Design and Apparel came into the picture, within 3 months, we increased our productivity and hired many more employees. One year later, we became the top screen printers in the area. As word spread, now we are known as the business who designs the impossible, and we are now stronger than ever, connecting with people of all ages and fulfilling all their printing desires.

Our company’s true effort has become the vision and advanced creativity that every customer is looking for. Many times, a customer will come in without a direction but then leave empowered because not only have they been given a vision of their product, they got more than they ever could have imagined. As we will always strive for perfection, if there’s ever an error it can be fixed at little to no cost. We think the customer is valued and should know that we want to make their experience with us memorable.

Ink Design and Apparel has diversified, offering more products and services such as print, logo design, banners, business cards and so much more. Why not give customers everything all in one spot for one great price?